Try Everything Weekend 25/26 June 2016

Airways Airsports, Flyability and Aerobility Charity have come together again for a try anything event!
So come along to try HangGliding/ParaGliding/Microlight/Glider (Sailplanes)

Piloting the glider will be Guy. 8 times National Glider Aerobatic Champion at Unlimited level and on the British team for 3 World Aerobatic Championships to name a few.
Guy flying

Hanggliding Aerotow will be Judy World Women’s Hang Gliding Champion (twice), World Women’s Paragliding Champion, European and six times British Women’s Hang Gliding Champion, British Hang Gliding Team Member
British Paragliding Team Member, British Team Captain
Multiple World Record Holder, World Record for absolute altitude (hang gliding) at 41,307 feet.

Here is a link to our scholarships page to help with hangglider or paragliding costs

Flyability scholarships: Application forms

Contact Airways for details and costs!
Scholarships will be okayed on the day but please contact us or the airways office so we have and idea of numbers.