Clubs and Coaches

How can we help you

Have you got a new disabled members?
We can help share ideas for improving access and training for disabled pilots.

Need access to some specialist equipment?
Flyability holds a range of specialist equipment that is available to loan to clubs and schools, we can also offer advice and feedback if your club is interested in buying something specialist to ensure you get the right kit.

Interested in making your club more welcoming to disabled people?
We can help. One of the biggest barriers to disabled people is a lack of information – if you welcome disabled pilots then making that clear is the first step. We can also help with disability awareness information, setting up site access audits and if we know that your club is welcoming then we can point qualifying disabled pilots in your direction.

A guide to Access information on Site Guides
We’re developing a “how to” guide to enable any club to collect access information for their sites. With this as a starting point we can work out if there are any small steps we could take with landowners to improve access for everyone. If this is something that would interest your club get in touch – we’d like to trial this out with one or two clubs before we launch the “how to” guide on this website.

Running a party or event?

We are always pleased to get invitations to parties and events run by clubs and will try to send someone along with banners and information about what we do. If you’d like us to attend an event then please contact us.

How can you help us

There are four main routes to help Flyability by donating time or expertise, equipment, information or money.


Flyability takes quite a lot of time to run – through administering the scholarship scheme, arranging loans of equipment, raising money and keeping the website up to date. If you’re able to help with any of these tasks then please contact us.

We’re also working on a list of friendly faces – pilots and non pilots who are involved in free flying who are willing to help Flyability pilots to get in the air.

Share information

This is one of the most valuable parts of Flyability’s activities. If you have photos or articles about disabled people flying we would be delighted to add them to our success stories pages.

Similarly if you have developed and specific training techniques or adaptions that work for you and might be helpful to other people please do contact us.

Finally we are hoping to develop information to help clubs and schools to add access information to their standard site guides. In order to do this we need to pilot this with a handful of clubs and schools to find out what works and what doesn’t. If you’re involved in producing your club/schools and would be interested in helping us then please get in touch.

Donate Money

Flyability is always grateful for donations of money. This helps us keep our supply of specialist equipment up to date and provide scholarships.

If you would like to make a donation to Flyability by post please send a cheque or postal order (payable to “Flyability” in poundsĀ sterling) to:

8 Merus Court
Meridian Business Park
Leicester LE19 1RJ
United Kingdom

You can make a donation to Flyability via Paypal by clicking the button below. Donations can be made by credit card or debit card or from your Paypal account so you do not necessarily need to have an existing Paypal account in order to make an online donation to Flyability.

Donate equipment (sale via ebay)

We’re currently in communication with ebay to set up Flyability as a recipient of donations through sales on the site. More details will be available here when this is finalised.