Flying Solutions

Hanggliding in Rio

Mark flying over Rio in a tandem hangglider

Back in June 2015 we received an email from Mark asking for some advice about fulfilling his ambition to fly a tandem hangglider while he was on his holiday in Rio de Janeiro. We put him in touch with Judy…

Flying Frenzy training Guernsey pilots

Photo of Mike and Nick pulling the Flychair (with pilot) into the air

In August the Guernsey Paragliding Club travelled to Flying Frenzy in Dorset in order to train two of their members to fly. Flyability has worked with them to loan a Sanderson buggy for training and to help them buy their…

First Scholarship flight of 2014

Chris and Andrew flying with the White Horse visible in the hill behind them

We’re pleased to announce that our first scholarship flight of 2014 has taken place. Chris flew with Andrew Pearse of Flying Frenzy Paragliding in Dorset from the lovely White Horse site near Weymouth. He shared the photos below with us.

Lakes MS Flyability day

In July 2013 Steve Kitchen arranged a series of tandem paraglider flights for people with MS. They flew with help from Gordie at Air Ventures. The following is from a write up for the South Lakes Branch MS Newsletter. UP, UP…

Wheelchair to 500 feet

George Ransome after flying in Ontur, Spain

by George Ransome now Chairman of Flyability George after his solo I’m sat on a plane from Alicante to Southampton scribbling notes on a sick bag. I want to tell the tale about going solo on a hanglider. But first some…

Training pilots with disabilities

Training Pilots with Disabilities Steve Varden writes This article is meant to stimulate thought and provoke discussion with regard to the training of pilots who may just happen to be disabled in some way. This time we will look at…

Specialist equipment from around the world

Swiss paragliding wheelchair

Update on Paragliding buggy from Poland Swiss paragliding wheelchair French paragliding buggy French Fauteuil Cage paraglider with wheelchair Austrailian WASP paragliding wheelchair Canadian paragliding wheelchair Polish paragliding launch buggy Greek wheelchair paragliding USA paragliding buggy

Managing energy levels

One of the main problems disabled (and non-disabled) pilots encounter is managing their energy levels. The main solution to this is to be very self aware of your energy levels and know when to stop or to conserve your energy.…