Sanderson paragliding wheelchairs

The Sanderson Mk1 paragliding wheelchair/buggy

Sanderson Mk 1 Buggy design

Sanderson Mk 1 Buggy design

This is the simplest and purest solution to the immediate identified problem of conducting dual flights with people with¬†lower limb mobility impairments.¬†The problem to the individual and the pilot was: “How do you prevent non functional limbs getting damaged or causing the pilot to trip on take off and landing”?

This buggy simply lifted them out the way. It is simple, cheap lightweight and effective. The wheels enable the passenger to be maneuvered easily when on the ground, rather than as undercarriage or landing gear.

Of all the paragliding buggies this one handles best in the air due to its lightweight and center of gravity being closest to a standard pilot. With the later development of back protecting harnesses and air bags, this buggy has been used for solo flying.

It is considered the best for people looking at the higher performance side of the sport due to it’s airborne handling, but the draw back is the lack of ground handling performance and assistance needed for take off and maneuvering on the ground before and after the flight.

John Crosbie

The Sanderson Mk2 paragliding wheelchair/buggy

Sanderson Mark 2 buggy being hill launched

Sanderson Mark 2 buggy being hill launched

Took the best features of the Mark 1 and added in long flexible legs for a more upright flying position.

These are our most commonly used buggies for tandem flights and have also been used for cross country and solo flying by qualified pilots.

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