A new paragliding buggy – thanks to Access Unlimited

A Flychair buggy in flightAnyone watching the Flyability Facebook page will have seen some recent posts about trainee pilots from the Channel Islands who have been training in Dorset with help from Flyability and their club.

One of these pilots has been using a new type of buggy developed in Finland called the Flychair. Flyability has been trying to update our stock of paragliding buggies over the last few years and this type of buggy was recommended to us.

The Flyability Flychair buggy with stickers from Access UnlimitedThanks to a very generous donation from Access Unlimited (a company based in Scotland who have Flyability as one of their chosen charities to support) we have been able to buy one of these buggies for Flyability to loan out. We’re still waiting for some test flights with the new buggy so that we can share information to schools borrowing the buggy. But while we wait we’ve been up to have a look at the buggy where it is in storage and to add some stickers acknowledging Access Unlimited making the buggy’s purchase possible.A Flychair buggy in flight above the Dorset coast

We should soon be in a position to lend out this buggy for training to any UK paragliding school. This adds to our stock of Sanderson buggies (for solo or tandem hill launching) and Swanton buggies (for solo or tandem tow launching) and should mean we’re able to get more disabled people flying from more sites.