Getting around

A number of Flyability’s scholarship awards have gone to people who have invested in extra equipment to get around flying sites.

Quad bikes

Quad bikes can be extremely helpful to get around flying sites. You do need permission from the site owner to use the bike and to have a way of getting the bike to and from the flying sites. If you buy a quad bike that has been adapted for your use as a disabled person then it is possible to claim exemption from VAT which can make a quad bike more affordable. If you’re interested in buying a quad bike then please get in touch with us for some advice on things to look out for.

Wheelchairs and wheelchair adaptions

Most flying sites are grassy fields – anyone who has used a wheelchair will know that they don’t cope well with muddy or grassy areas. There are some basic (and not so basic) adaptions that can make a wheelchair more suited to site conditions.

Wheelchairs (NHS?): big castors

Front wheels: links

PDQ/Viper: A powered front wheel can be a huge help, by lifting the front casters off the ground and providing power it becomes possible to get around flatter sites fairly easily. Also the power can help avoid fatigue and save your energy for flying.

Berkel bike, hand cycles: